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CzechVilla is a web platform that will help you find a villa in the stunning nature of the Czech Republic.

Market Research

Competetive Analysis

User Survey

Medium-Fidelity UI


Medium-fidelity UI

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UX/UI Designer




3 weeks



Market Research


The Czech Republic is one of the best-known tourist destinations in Europe due to its cultural attractions and the beauty of nature. However, some of this country's beautiful parts are not well reachable because it's far from the airports.


After several years of stagnation after the introduction of restrictions, the hotel business and the vacation rental industry are gradually recovering. The interest in travel is expected to grow in the next several years.

Competitive audit

I conducted an analysis of the two most popular websites in the vacation rentals industry to identify potential areas for improvement and to avoid common mistakes.

Brief about the competitor

Verbo is one of the most knowledgeable web platforms in this segment which offers the opportunity to rent a villa or apartment in different countries. The main benefit of this business is that it suggests a wide variety of properties.

Problems from the comments

Felepie Josef's photo

Felepie Josef

Airbnb support took two days to reply to an urgent situation. No matter what happens in the nightmare situation with your host, even if you are right, Airbnb is on the host side.

Felepie Josef's photo

Anika Shaefer

I had my reservations canceled a few times at the last minute - and AirBnB could do nothing. It's always a gamble to lease anything with Airbnb too.

Brief about the competitor

Airbnb is the first company that comes to mind when we think about renting a flat or house. With their exceptional UX and UI design, Airbnb has earned the loyalty of a majority of users.

Problems from the comments

Felepie Josef's photo

Viki Harper

We turned up at our villa, and the code didn’t work. We called the owner, and he hung up, leaving us waiting outside for an hour with two little children.

Felepie Josef's photo

Alex Maltsev

I sent a complaint about the apartment I was staying in. No reply. Posted a review about faults in the apartment, and it wasn’t posted. Would not book with VRBO again.

User Survey

I conducted a quick survey in Telegramm among people who like to travel using web platforms similar to those I analyzed in the previous part.

What is the most important for you when renting a villa using services such as Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.?

19 Participants

User Survey

Participants thoughts

Felepie Josef's photo

John Seagle

I always try to make everything arranged before the trip. I do not have so many vacations, and every day for me is precious. I wouldn’t like to spend my vacation in worry.

Felepie Josef's photo

Josefin Meldau

The most important thing is that I will have support throughout planning my vacation. It would be great if I could order the transfer there too.


Based on my earlier study, I created two personas to represent different groups of web users.


User Survey


User Survey


I created a user flow diagram to map out the main pages and features of the website, with dashed lines indicating secondary options
User Survey

Medium-fidelity wireframes

Using the user flow diagram as a guide, I created medium-fidelity wireframes with a basic UI design structure. An example of the home screen is shown below.
The home screen of the CzechVilla project with the notes about mid-fidelity design
The home middle-fidelity screen
The about middle-fidelity sreen
The catalog middle-fidelity screen

High-fidelity designs

After completing the user flow diagram, I experimented with different fonts and colors for the high-fidelity design.

Collor Pallette

Accent, secondary, card gradient, text color, background


A "Nunito Sans" font image
An "arimo" font image
The home screen of the CzechVilla project with the notes about mid-fidelity design

High-fidelity prototype

After creating all the necessary high-fidelity screens, I made a prototype according to the user flow I defined above. The mobile screens show the prototype here because of the space constraints.
The home screen of the CzechVilla project with the notes about mid-fidelity design

Prototype validation

I validated my prototype with four users. Each had a task to complete the reservation via the desktop version website. I wanted to be sure that the user understood the primary flow and that there were no mistakes that may interrupt him.

The usability study was conducted in the study room where I met each participant. Each of them had the same task and was asked the same questions. After the session, we discussed the overall improvement opportunities.

Study results

All users succeed in completing the tasks without any problems. One of the users opened the southeast region description and got to the catalog from this overlay. Two users told me that it would be great to consider more payment opportunities in the future, such as Paypal and Binance.

Project Summary

Based on the results of my research and usability testing, I believe this project has potential for further development in the future.

I believe that my small user and market studies helped emphasize that people lack support in their journey and want a more personalized experience.

Furthermore, the design process of this project was great fun. I learned about responsive design even more and tried to maintain consistency on the phones as on the laptop screens.

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